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Barny Du Plessis

Mr Universe


  • NABBA Pro
  • Nabba universe 2014- winner and overall winner
  • Nabba universe pro division 2014-6th place
  • Many more top Placings


Barny Du Plessis was Enrolled as a Dynamix Athlete during the year of 2015

Barny is no longer a Dynamix Athlete

40 and still getting ever better

nabba Pro athlete, body coach, supplement shop owner

presently living and working in Norwich

40 and still getting ever better

nabba Pro athlete, body coach, supplement shop owner

Presently living and working in Norwich

Being a Professional bodybuilder and also being someone who doesn't buy into gimmicks, hype, and poor quality rubbish products. I am a man with integrity, honour, sincerity, honest and trustworthy. I pride myself on having these qualities and people who know me trust me and know I speak my mind and speak the truth. Gaining peoples Trust and loyalty is a very hard thing and can be so easily lost. So when I choose to represent a company, I need to believe in it myself and rate the quality, use them myself in order for me to feel I can truly endorse and recommend it to others. I value my reputation so I have to be careful and trust and believe if the company I’m sponsored with in order for me to want others to trust the brand and recommend it to you and everyone I speak to in person or through social media. People who know me will know that the standard and quality of the Dynamix products is top notch. Leaving no doubt.

I chose to work with Dynamix not only because I believe in their products, but also the fact that they have huge ambition and innovative with total commitment to maintaining their products at 100% premium quality without compromise. Top quality products, affordable prices, a brand that you can trust.

I am very pleased to be working with and representing Dynamix nutrition.

After a bumpy start to life in my earlier years, mixing with the wrong crowd, getting in all sorts of trouble, dropping out of college, being sacked from multiple jobs or quitting, I was very close to the point of no return.

So I made a conscious choice, and chose to get my act together.

From an early age I identified myself with muscles and loved anything with massive muscle. Marvel Super heroes, he-man and later years WWE wrestlers were all major role models for me. I always admired the powerful physiques but took me until I was in my late teens before I finally discovered bodybuilding. I was totally hooked, like a proper junkie, I needed my bodybuilding fix all day every day. I totally fell in love with bodybuilding. I found my new heroes in the magazines I started to read and obsess over. Cover to cover, front to back, back to front, over and over. I absorbed everything, every little bit in. I was like a sponge. I wanted to know more, be more, become the best in the world, I wanted to be Mr Universe.

I started training at the age of 17 in my best mate’s bedroom. We built a pretty good home gym over the 2 years we trained there. Completely covered the walls with positive images of the bodybuilding gods we cut out from all our magazines, we worshipped them and wanted more desperately than anything to become as amazing and awe inspiring as they were. Nothing could change my mind. All my family and all my friends thought it was grotesque and dangerous and no one wanted me to do it. I didn't care; in fact it drove me harder to become truly great to show them they were all wrong. Even if I tried to, my soul’s desire was so great I hadn't any choice. I was totally enslaved by the iron and I loved it.

After a few years of travelling and stop starting the weights I eventually got my act together and seriously began to train. I joined the local gym, requested bodybuilding books for my birthday, and starred to really learn about what I needed to know in order to become the best in the world. So from the age of 20 I got properly into bodybuilding, 1994. I made all my decisions with bodybuilding in mind. Trained up as a personal trainer, found work in gyms, supplement shops etc.

Working on the doors in Bristol for 7 years to pay for my bodybuilding lifestyle. I was living a full time bodybuilding life style. After some persuasion from a few of my bodybuilding chums I stepped on stage at the age of 23 in 1997.

I didn't place anywhere in first timers category. The embarrassment and the utter feeling of total rejection was so uncomfortable and potent, it made me feel totally disgusted with myself. I couldn't have this feeling again, no way!!! So I vowed to never ever lose again and win everything.

I trained with more fire and passion than ever before. Came back the next year and won pretty much everything, my class and overall in both Nabba Wes Britain and EFBB south coast and finally that year placed top 6 intermediates at EFBB British finals.

Now I was on my way. So over 50 shows later and 20 years on...after many highs and lows, joys and woes, swings and roundabouts. Career and life changes, births and deaths, trials and tribulations, marriage, divorce etc. etc., I continued to train and compete. Meeting the love of my life Josie Keck and her utter belief in me and my abilities and her complete un quavering support I began seriously Pursuing my dream of attaining an ifbb pro card. I was denied this by the powers that be many times over. Totally, well almost breaking my spirit and moral. I could see my dream fading as I grew older.

The corruption and the politics made me completely lose my faith and hope. I finally realised it was never going to be, they simply didn't want me to have the pro card. So I changed back to my original federation to pursue my very first bodybuilding dream, to become Mr Universe.

I started to regain faith in the judges, my hope and inner strength came back ten fold

I got my mojo back. Within 2 years I won the biggest, oldest and indeed legendary bodybuilding show on earth, and gained my place in bodybuilding history and my name is now immortalized in the legendary hall of fame. 64th Mr Universe, on the same awesome list as legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, frank Zane, boyer coe, Bertil Fox, Charles Clairmont etc. etc., and much more recently lee priest. Nice to know also I am the First English bodybuilder in 15 years to win the Mr universe overall champion title and thus securing my name in history as well as earning myself a professional status. Now I am amongst the best bodybuilders in the world. It’s a great feeling and my love has been restored

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