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100% Natural Whey ISOLATE starstarstarstarstar

100% Natural Whey ISOLATE
100% Natural Whey ISOLATE
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Refreshing 100% Natural Citrus Whey Isolate

  • High Whey protein Values
  • Awsome Honey Melon Burst flavour
  • UK Sourced Whey Protein only the best
  • High In Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)
  • Virtually No Carbohydrates & Fats
  • Helps In Lean Muscle Gain & Recovery

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    100% Natural Whey ISOLATE

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    Dynamix have now introduced 100% Natural Whey ISOLATE into their range to ensure our customers continue to get the best form of protein products available . 

    This product is exactly what it states 100%  Whey Isolate,  we have only added natural flavour and sweetener to allow the whey to be enjoyable to consume. We do not see the point of adding all types of other filler products to our whey isolate as we all purchase WPI for the reason of its high quality. You are paying for top quality whey so we are giving you just that.  Due to the ultra filtered quality of 100% whey we have found that many lactose intolerant customers have been able to consume with no adverse side effects.

    To ensure this product is also at another level we have made it using refreshing natural juice flavours making it perfect for intra , pre and post workout. Perfectly refreshing for those heated intense sessions and even more enjoyable when consumed during those hot summer months,  By using fruit flavours it also allows the actual protein count to be as high as possible.

    You will find the bloating experienced from other brands,caused from creamers, fillers and higher lactose content proteins found in less quality products on the market this will not be experienced when consuming 100% ISOLATE.

    The amino profile of 100% isolate speaks volumes as does the fact again it is UK sourced raw ingredients.


    The product is extremely low fat 0.02g and 0.95g carbohydrate content does not even have to be disclosed but to show exactly our values is what we pride ourselves on and shows it's the perfect product for all.

    100% ISOLATE covers all areas ; gaining muscle, dieting  or just increasing your daily protein intake with the highest grade possible.

    We will continue to offer the best cleanest protein products available.

    Supplement Facts

    Per 100g

    Per 30g


    377Kcal / 1604kJ

    113Kcal /






    Of which saturates



    Of which saturates





    of which Sugar



    of which Sugar














    100% Whey Isolate.

    Recommended Use

    Consume 1 scoop in 200-350ml of ice cold water for a high quality refreshing juiced protein shake. You may increase to 2 scoops per shake and add fluid to personal preference of taste.

    This product is developed to be consumed immediately do not leave in warm areas for long periods as this will effect to overall quality of the shake. Consume 2 shakes per day around training times to aid in your muscle recovery and growth. These amounts also are dependent on person’s weights and physical goals.  
    We also recommend using this product intra workout due its awesome refreshing taste. You can also add a combination of our BCAA and L Glutamine to aid in muscle endurance and to prevent even more muscle breakdown

    Product Reviews


    Great flavour especially when iced. I use this in my intra workout drink mixed with Amino Pump and carbo. No bloat, no gas, no iffy tummy. Plus you get exactly whatit says on the label. No protein spiking with this brand.
    Joe - 2017-08-17 16:59:46


    : Absolutely stunning flavoring and perfect for post workout. The citrus flavor aids in a real thirst quenching taste with very high quality whey isolate to aid muscle repair and recovery immediately post workout.
    Chris - 2014-03-13 16:51:30

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